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Why is ERG not the 
go-to test? 

After 35 years of status quo in the ERG sensor market, we at RetMap put modern engineering to work, addressing user concerns, and creating -

The RM Electrode

RMe Key design ft.png

An award-winning design that incorporates novel features to improve performance

Plug and play compatible with all known ERG testing systems, including hand-held systems.

Soft | Stable | Disposable 

ISCEV standard flash ERG responses recorded with the
RM Electrode

RM Gold.png

​Responses to 5 consecutive flashes, no baseline correction. 

  • ​Simple installation and removal, and unprecedented in-test stability, address significant barriers to ERG testing.

  • Highly stable on the eye, RM Electrode signals are very consistent in test-retest scenarios, helping to narrow reference ranges and improve test sensitivity.

  • Have a decades-old normative data set?  No worries the RM Electrode signal amplitudes are comparable to those obtained with the Burian-Allen ERG Electrode.
    (for more information check out the ARVO 2017 poster on the RM Electrode  here)

RetMap, Inc is now an EvoNexus portfolio company

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