The RM Electrode™ Canine Multi-Use

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Step 1

TELL us about yourself and

WHERE we should

send the RM Electrode™ Multi-Use

We will need a CARD ON FILE

 to start the trial

Step 2

We will REVIEW your form,

CALL you for the cc info

and SHIP the electrode

to you within 2 business days

Step 3

Once your trial period is up,

use the PREPAID shipping label to

return the RM Electrode™ Multi-use back to us 

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Note: The Free-trial is available for RM Electrode™ Multi-use ONLY

Some things you need to know

1.    Trial period is free.

2.    We pay for shipping both ways.

3.    Trial starts when the mail-carrier status is changed to "delivered"*

4.    We understand that ERG's are not always scheduled back to back, we are open to working with you on a trial time frame that would work best for you and your practice. Reach out to us

5.    The credit card is charged ONLY if trial time is exceeded, or if the product, when returned, is damaged*


*Please read the T&C carefully, it's short but important.