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The RM Electrode™ - Canine is the first ever soft contact lens electrode designed specifically for canine eyes.


It provides high stability and high signal to noise ratio with increased comfort, safety and ease of installation. Its unique light-scattering property reduces the requirement for stimulus alignment with the eye as a result consistent responses can be obtained in less time with restless patients.


The RM Electrode™- Canine Multi-Use is designed to handle everyday clinic use. It is equipped with a robust connector and a gold-plated stainless-steel electrode. The unique construction of the Multi-Use design allows it to be warranted for 50 test/cleaning cycles.


The RM Electrode™ - Canine suitable for all full-field ERG testing protocols (flash, step, flicker, STR, PhNR) and is currently sized for medium-sized dogs (20-60 lbs). (Additional sizes available soon!)


RM Electrode™ - Canine Multi-Use

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