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RM Technologies


CLEAr Lens™

Mapping Retinal Health

Health Impact: The CLEAr Lens™ system adds spatial information to any ERG protocol, making the test more sensitive to the small areas of damage present in early disease.


Technology Solution: Contact Lens Electrode Array that measures ERG potentials at dozens of locations on the eye simultaneously.

CLEAr Lens™ Publications

PeriStim ™

Earliest Detection of Glaucoma

Health Impact: The Peri-Stim™ evaluates the 80% of peripheral retina ignored with conventional glaucoma testing, leading to earlier diagnosis (and reduced lifetime vision loss) for millions of patients.


Technology Solution: A three-dimensional peripheral retina pattern stimulus source.

PeriStim™ Publications

RM Yeti™

Therapeutic Hypothermia 


Health Impact: The RM YETI™ extends the therapeutic window of opportunity for retinal ischemia, helping tens of thousands to avoid permanent blindness from a temporary condition.


Technology Solution: A portable, solid-state device for delivering therapeutic hypothermia to the eye.

RM Yeti™ Publications

RetMap, Inc is now an EvoNexus portfolio company

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